2017 Pontiac GTO: With This Story, Is It Deserve Become a Rumor?


It is kind of hard to dish out the rumor about the upcoming 2017 Pontiac GTO. After all, news that are based on rumors can be 50:50 real or not. But don’t forget about the so-called rumor about the Trans Am 2016 from Pontiac. In fact, it is in the production stage and there is a possibility that it is going to use the Camaro body package. So, what does Pontiac have in mind about their new production of GTO Judge? Will it be limited edition? Will it come with the same design like the Trans Am? We really have to wait and see. The first GTO Judge was released back then in 1969 as the low end models made by the company. But it is a good thing that the new 2017 Pontiac GTO will be coming with more features, more power, and definitely more positive perks than you can expect from the past GTO Judge in 1969. If you take a look at the current rendering image, you should be able to see how powerful, gorgeous, and handsome the car is – with all the right lines and curves.

1 of 3 2017 Pontiac GTO Front Pictures
2017 Pontiac GTO – Front Pictures
2 of 3 2017 Pontiac GTO Engine Hood Pictures
2017 Pontiac GTO – Engine Hood Pictures
3 of 3 2017 Pontiac GTO Interior Pictures
2017 Pontiac GTO – Interior Pictures

Rumor has it that the new 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge will be coming with V8 Camaro 6.2 liter engine but then again, that’s the rumor. In fact, there is a wild prediction that the new Judge will be coming with custom engine arrangement – which is so unlikely because it will only create new problem and headache.

But if it is even possible., a supercar should get a super engine, which is the V8 LSX 7.4 liter, supercharger twin screw 2.9 liter engine that is able to produce 840 hp of power. Such a super engine for a super muscled car.

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Again, since it is a rumor, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about when the car will be available for sale – we don’t even know whether it is going to be made or not! But it is possible that it should come along with the production of Bandit Trans Am and 77 limited edition. The Trans Am model is said to come with tag price around $115,000 so the tag for the GTO Judge is likely around $150,000. For you, this arrangement for 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge may be too much but you need to remember that it is a super ride which means that such price is worth it.