McLaren 570S Spider Price Review


Recently released a new car developed by McLaren. By merging and improving the performance of the 570S Coupe, the new McLaren 570S Spider comes with an open-air motoring. Designed in the UK, the 2018 McLaren 570S Spider is a supercar that utilizes carbon fiber design, mid-engine layout, outstanding performance ever developed for the convertible segment. So that will become a new trend in the market. We need to know that Mclaren 570S Coupe and Spider has the same speed, has a dynamic advantage and attractive body design. In addition, carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis is implemented in all sports car series. Of course this does not affect the power on this car. So the McLaren engineers were able to design and develop 570S Spider without any problems.

1 of 6 McLaren 570S Spider Front Angle
McLaren 570S Spider – Front Angle Pictures
1 of 6 McLaren 570S Spider Roof
McLaren 570S Spider – Roof Pictures

Here is an explanation of the Mclaren 570S Spider release date and also some of the advantages of this car as quoted by Mike Flewitt, as CEO of McLaren, saying that the McLaren 570S Spider is a family of McLaren sports series that has been developed without concerns on the convertible segment. This car utilizes a mid-engined layout and carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis that creates tremendous driving dynamics like the brother Mclaren 570S Coupe. Especially with the addition of a retractable hard-top that generates extra exhilaration of roof-down motoring.

The retractable hardtop is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and fade resistant than fabric, albeit adding to the load on the Spider. And this is one that distinguishes from the convertible and coupe series.

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McLaren 570S Spider Engine

Then, we will step on the engine part. Compared to other convertible series, McLaren combines lightweight carbon fiber and a 3.8-liter V8 engine that produces lighter and stronger cars. Because it is supported by power-to-weight ratio of 419PS.

And the twin-turbocharged McLaren M838TE engine is capable of producing 7.400rpm at 570PS and 600Nm of torque between 5,000rpm and 6,500rpm. And also supported by seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox with Launch Control technology, acceleration from 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 3.2 seconds and 200km/h (124mph) within 9.6 seconds.

The McLaren 570S Spider is able to reach at 315km/h (196mph). The start-stop system affects the overall efficiency aspect. Resulting in fuel economy 10.7liter/100km, equivalent to 26.6mpg in the NEDC combined cycle and CO2 emissions of just 249g/km.

Next we discussed on the body of this car. McLaren Spider implements double-wishbone suspensions on all sides, twin-valve adaptive dampers, steel springs, and anti-roll bars as in the 570S Coupe specification. The body controls created are very comfortable and incredibly tough. For drivers, they can choose soft or fast suspension with Active Dynamics Panel, so it can switch modes from Normal, Sport or Track. This feature allows the Mclaren 570S Spider to be comfortable for everyday use.

3 of 6 McLaren 570S Spider Rear Angle
McLaren 570S Spider – Rear Angle Pictures

Body Design

On the design side of the body, McLaren strengthens on the rear spoiler, with a size 12mm higher in comparison to 570S Coupe. With a higher spoiler shape, it can provide additional downforce to compensate for aerodynamic changes as a result of different rear body designs.

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McLaren 570S Spider – Side Pictures

We discuss interior section. The position for the driver has been designed in such a way to provide comfort. With advanced technology and better material quality. Like smooth leather upholstery, easy-to-reach center console layout, and smooth door sleeves. In the middle panel, entertainment and climate control functions become more structured on the 570S Spider.

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McLaren 570S Spider – Interior Pictures
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McLaren 570S Spider – Panel Pictures

Various options are offered by McLaren to its customers. Such as eight-way adjustable electric memory seats, luxurious Nappa leather, performance-oriented Alcantara trim, and lightweight carbon-fiber-shelled sports seats. Of course, with an additional cost.

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McLaren Spider exterior colors are presented in three options, namely Curacao Blue, Vega Blue and Yellow Sicilian. This whole color displays the uniqueness of all the aluminum bodywork. Especially with Dark Palladium gray contrast on the rear support, the roof, and the windscreen pillar adds a sharper visual.

The McLaren 570S Spider price is $ 208,800. This type of car can already be ordered in 80 retailers worldwide. And of course McLaren 570S Spider is a product that is assembled in Woking, England.