2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date – Los Angeles Auto Show


Hello there? Back to my blog again which is discuss the most searched car and trending car every month. Previously, We discuss for renowned automaker such as BMW, Ford and Aston Martin. Right now, We will covering Honda’s product. Honda has developed new car for 2017, named 2017 Honda Civic SI. We looking for the news about this car and read many sources that 2017 Honda Civic SI release date will immediately scheduled. And surprisingly, Honda Civic SI launched at Los Angeles Auto Show, so take a look the detail information in our blog both of design interior and exterior, engine and latest pictures.

1 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date LA Front Pictures
2017 Honda Civic SI – Front Pictures
2 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Top Angle
2017 Honda Civic SI – Top Angle Pictures

Another thing that makes Honda Civic SI different with another type like standard Civic and Civic Type-R is the Civic SI has a unique design when comes to the LA Auto Show. Honda creates this identity with “SI” because extremely innovative design compared other type. As We knew a little information at beginning, so let’s breakdown every detailed aspect of this car, and why this car is the most searched currently. Okay, let’s unload what will displayed at Los Angeles Auto Show.

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We will starting first on the body type. A lot of Civic model adopted on same body, but for Civic SI slightly improved. We can take an example, from the bonnet and side body, and the headlights are same with previous model. The Honda logo for this is car more interesting, and give an elegance, because assisted from unique of front grille with shiny black color. The 2017 Civic SI looks sporty overall, thanks to the front splitter that makes additional downforce and extraordinary design of front fascia.

3 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date Rear
2017 Honda Civic SI – Rear Pictures
4 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Side
2017 Honda Civic SI – Side Pictures

We want to look another side profil. This thing means rear body design. As we look on the pictures of Honda Civic SI 2017, this car has a sharp design color and elegance look. The first thing is on the Spoiler. The Civic SI has a higher spoiler than standard Civic. Then, look at the rear fascia, the model is almost same with standard Civic but slightly different on the middle. The new Civic SI maybe is the most sporty and unique designs compared with standard model, but the competitor from itself, that is Civic Type-R Hatchback.

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After discussing about exterior, We move to interior design. Civic SI has a excellent front seat design, and added with “SI” logo stitched red color. Additionally, We can see on the dashboard equipped with aluminum sport pedals and aluminum shift knob.  On the center, there is a instument panel that includes a infotainment feature and other control button with red backlight. The red floor mats add the boldness and sporty look at the bottom of front seats. Look another features that owned by Civic SI. Among others are Honda Link, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Sirius XM and HD Radio. The other Civic model includes a Satellite Link Navigation with voice recognition, and hopefully Civic SI created also.

5 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Interior
2017 Honda Civic SI – Interior Pictures
6 of 6 2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date Engine
2017 Honda Civic SI – Engine Pictures

The good news, 2017 Honda Civic SI release date will includes new active damper system, high-performance tires and active steering system. It will affecting on the power of Honda Civic SI that We know maximum torque 1,700 and 5,500 rpm, but Civic SI hopefully will enhanced. Honda Civic SI will equipped with 6-speed manual transmission, 4-cylinder to make fast-shifting, powered with 1.5-liter, direct injected and utilize dual variable cam timing.