2017 Ford GT: 4 Criteria That Make This Car Become a Supercar


Recently a famous automobile company, Ford, created a new innovation for 2017 Ford GT. They developed the second generation of Ford GT. This is an excuse because the previous generation was only created for two years only. As we know on the Ford GT40, many concepts refer to the previous generation. For instance the air intakes behind the rear door. But otherwise, this car actually looks more sleek and modern design with stylish display like a supercar. Some features are integrated into it to provide better control. As mentioned, improvements to the steering wheel and pedals, comfort seating to create discretion for the driver. Then in the middle, there are two touch screen in front of the driver and in front of the passenger seat. In addition, Ford completes its new car with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost with twin turbochargers. This decision was taken by Ford, as it delivers outstanding performance, compared to previous versions.

Quoted from the official news, that Ford still refers to the traditional rear-wheel drive, instead of all-wheel-drive. As already discussed, that Ford GT 2017 is the best supercar, and ever developed in its history. This car produces success for Ford, and far exceeds the previous generation.

Furthermore, we mentioned four criteria, namely from the Exterior, Interior, Engine Power, and the Price of the car.

Ford GT Exterior

When viewed from the side of the exterior, with a slightly tapered look at the top, then displays an aerodynamic design. This car model is more sleek than the previous generation. Ford still refers to the previous model at the taillights. Tends to be round. But there is something interesting here, 2017 Ford GT is designed using carbon fiber to reduce overall weight. With the implementation of this design, it is expected that this car can accelerate quickly. But the engineers also maintain stability on each side of the car body. Then for the windshield made curved to increase visibility. And in certain conditions, the rear spoiler will actively adjust.

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2017 Ford GT – Front Pictures
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2017 Ford GT – Front Door Pictures

Let’s move the brake calipers section. Ford has provided several colors for its customers. Available colors are red, blue, silver, black and orange. Then for the wheel section is equipped with 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum and 20-inch carbon-fiber rollers. Some color options like Silver with chrome nuts, Gloss Black with black nuts and Graphite with black nuts.

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2017 Ford GT – Wheel Pictures

As previously rumored, when there are photos displayed at the Detroit Auto Show, looks like a concept car that is so amazing. But that’s just a photo or indeed a car production going forward. After waiting long enough, the photo was sourced from the Ford GT forum, but there is a small change compared to the time displayed at the Detroit Auto Show. But our hope, that what is leaked from the forum is true and original as it is exhibited in the Detroit Auto Show.

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2017 Ford GT – Rear Pictures
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2017 Ford GT – Rear Door Pictures
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2017 Ford GT – Side Pictures

In previous versions, the Ford Shelby GT350R utilizes carbon fiber on wheels. However, for 2017 Ford GT increases its power on better carbon fibers. This kind of design, of course, adds a more modern style. With the new carbon fiber, this car is able to provide some advantages, such as more comfortable driving quality and weight savings than using traditional aluminum wheels. In the new carbon fiber, Ford GT rims are also applied to two layers, on the front splitter and side frames.

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The new Ford GT utilizes gorilla glass windshield as its first production. For those of you who do not really know about gorilla glass, here’s a little explanation. This glass type is designed lighter, resistant to damage and tend to be thinner. This glass was developed by Corning Inc., the material developed by the company to coat on smartphone, tablet and laptop devices. Then they innovate to apply to a car, and the results are so amazing.

Corning Inc., designed this type of glass specifically for supercars like the Ford GT. They utilize the Hybird Technology with three-layer hybrid windows. According to the source, with this technology, it is expected the Ford GT will improve the handling side to decrease the center of gravity of the vehicle. This gives better results. In fact, a few percent lighter than traditional glass, and it also reduces the car’s load by about 12 pounds. With this application, it produces more agile performance, better acceleration, and also fuel savings. Hybrid technology has been tested on a rock and also on difficult road conditions. This hybrid glass is also used on the windshield and the rear engine cover.

Okay, let’s move to the interior part.

2017 Ford GT Interior

All right, we go in the interior. As we know, that the design of the Ford GT is amazing. While on the interior is also not less interesting. The cockpit on the Ford GT is designed with balanced control. On the front seats are integrated in the monocoque shell. Such an implementation provides a direct connection to the chassis, thereby providing comfort for the driver. With a fixed seat position, the 2017 Ford GT delivers innovations on the steering wheel and pedal that are within easy reach. So every driver is free to determine their driving position as per their convenience. The steering wheel applied to the Ford GT refers to the Ferrari. This gives easier control for the driver. In addition, shift paddles are used to control Ford GT transmissions, such as models mounted on a Ferrari.

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2017 Ford GT – Interior Pictures

the IMSA Daytona Prototype endurance racer, previously used by Ford. On turbocharged can produce 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet.

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2017 Ford GT – Engine Pictures

2017 Ford GT maximizes with 7 gear speed and dual-clutch transaxle. This is influenced by a small engine but provides outstanding performance. Due to a boost from direct injection systems, double turbochargers, as well as low-friction roller-finger-follower valvetrain.

Thanks to its light weight, the Ford GT uses 20-inch alloys wrapped with Michelin rubber, and is capable of driving for three seconds at a distance of 0-60mph. For maximum speed that can be produced about 216 mph.

Okay, in the last section we’ll talk about the proper price for this supercar.

2017 Ford GT Price

2017 Ford GT will be priced around $400,000. But this price can change at any time considering only produced about 250 units per year. As already circulated the news, that this car immediately sold out once ready to enter the market.