2016 GT350 Track Pack: Optional Package from Mustang Mustang


The 2016 GT350 Track Pack may still be the options for your addition but it will soon be the standard equipment for the line. When we are talking about the Shelby from Ford, we may be comparing the various lines with one another. The GT350 type, for instance, is always compared to the GT350R. If you want to improve the performance and outlook for the GT350, you may be thinking about having the MagnaRide suspension and spend an extra $6500 for the Track Package. That’s why Ford has decided to make it a standard equipment in the 2017.

1 of 5 2016 GT350 Track Pack Front
2016 GT350 Track Pack – Front Pictures
2 of 5 2016 GT350 Track Pack Front Side
2016 GT350 Track Pack – Front Side Pictures

So, what can you expect from the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350 Track Pack, anyway? It will include transmission, engine, differential oil coolers, downforce spoiler, and also tower to tower brace. Ford is including the optional back seat with snow standard feature for the GT350R. This kind of availability is made because Ford is just trying to follow customers’ demand. They want to have the back seat addition and so did the company give them.

3 of 5 2016 GT350 Track Pack Rear
2016 GT350 Track Pack – Rear Pictures
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2016 GT350 Track Pack – Side Pictures

Since there will be a standard feature added to the mix, it is probably wise to start anticipating the increased price tag as well although Ford hasn’t mentioned anything about it. And some of the people even think that it would be a good idea to have the 2016 GT350 Track Pack, considering that people can have all the good things they have wanted without having to worry about the limit or restriction anymore.

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Be advised that the Track package will be gone. Everything you know about it – the strut aluminum tower brace, the MagnaRide suspension, the differential coolers, and the transmission – will all be gone. They are generally related and restricted to the Track option alone but they will be the standard in the Technology package. The raised rear spoiler with decklid design might be the optional option for the ride but it has become a standard option. Not to mention that there will be other options for colors including Red Ruby Metallic, Blue Grabber, and Blue Lightning.  Sorry, now more Blue Deep Impact or Orange Competition but the replacement colors are pretty okay too.

5 of 5 2016 GT350 Track Pack Interior
2016 GT350 Track Pack – Interior Pictures

The Technology pack that you may be familiar with is gone and replaced by the Convenience package, which actually includes all the same things as the Tech Pack, such as the leather trim seats with the heated and cooler power adjustable feature). There is also the Electronic package with its own special options. You should enjoy the 2016 GT350 Track Pack as it will be the last pack that you can enjoy from this vehicle and brand.


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