BMW X3 2018: Review for Interior, Engine Specs and New Design


It has long been no update on this blog. This time we will discuss about the car product issued by BMW. BMW is one of the famous car manufacturers. This company created a lot of luxury cars. One of them is BMW X3 2018. This car was launched in 2003, with the type of mid-size Sports Activity Vehicle. So far, BMW has recorded millions of drivers who own this car. With a dynamic design, striking, powerful engine system, this car is expected to be a more successful step than ever. The creation of this car, will bring the family type X for more quality, both for daily use and for long-distance driving.

1 of 4 BMW X3 2018 Front Pictures
BMW X3 2018 – Front Pictures

BMW X3 2018 adds several variants to attract customer needs. So the additional lineup consists of xLine, M Sport and Luxury Line trim. Customers are also presented with a choice of wheel sizes from 21 inches to a standard 18 inches lightweight version. In the previous BMW X3 design may look standard on the interior. But for 2018 X3 displays a more special interior with the best material quality. Here are some features offered by this car, such as ambient air package, active seat ventilation, 3-zone automatic climate control, and panoramic glass roof.

In addition to the above features, BMW X3 also adds new equipment, such as the BMW Display Key used to lock and unlock the BMW X3 with just a remote control radio. It also can know the vehicle information and also applies as a control center to check the heat of the vehicle.

2 of 4 BMW X3 2018 Rear Pictures
BMW X3 2018 – Rear Pictures
3 of 4 BMW X3 2018 Side Pictures
BMW X3 2018 – Side Pictures

The design of the BMW X3 is better than the previous version. Some reshuffle such as chassis modification to improve driving dynamics, stability and more comfortable steering feel. It looks like the BMW engineers are completely overhauling to make this car become a champion in the market according to its class type. Compared to the previous generation, 2018 BMW x3 seems more sporty without ignoring the driving comfort. Modified chassis includes also on M Sport Brakes, Variable sport steering Dynamic Damper Control and M Sport Suspension.

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BMW X3 2018 is rumored to be utilizing two diesel engines and three petrol units as soon as possible. Then for the engine part will use Steptronic eight-speed transimission. Their teams work together as optimizations of previous engine variants. The 265 kW/360 hp BMW X3 M40i combined fuel consumption 8.4 – 8.2 l/100 km (33.6 – 34.5 mpg) and combined CO2 emissions 193 – 188 g/km) gives the X3 range its first M Performance Automobile and is joined by a second petrol model in the shape of the BMW X3 xDrive30i generating 185 kW/252 hp, combined fuel consumption 7.4 l/100 km (38.2 mpg) and combined CO2 emissions 168 g/km). The two diesel models are the BMW X3 xDrive20d with 140 kW/190 hp combined fuel consumption 5.4 – 5.0 l/100 km (52.3 – 56.5 mpg) and combined CO2 emissions: 142 – 132 g/km and the BMW X3 xDrive30d developing 195 kW/265 hp combined fuel consumption: 6.0 – 5.7 l/100 km (47.1 – 49.6 mpg) and combined CO2 emissions: 158 – 149 g/km). The BMW X3 20i with 135 kW/184 hp combined fuel consumption 7.4 – 7.2 l/100 km (38.2 – 39.2 mpg) and combined CO2 emissions: 169 – 165 g/km.

The engineers apply BMW EfficientDynamics in its newest series. This development is for the optimization of fuel-efficient powertrains and lighter application designs. As well as on engines and suspensions that utilize aluminum components that are superior to previous generations. And the result is the new BMW X3 lighter 55 pounds than the previous generation with the same reference specifications.

The new 2018 BMW X3 interior utilizes Active Cruise Control and Driving Assistant Plus safety packages, including Steering and lane control assistants, Lane Change Assistant and Lane Keeping Assistant with side collision protection. There is also a BMW Personal CoPilot that handles the driver’s assistance and the automatic semi-automatic drive. Some of these features are clearly able to compete with others, may even be able to defeat it.

4 of 4 BMW X3 2018 Interior Pictures
BMW X3 2018 – Interior Pictures

In addition to features of BMW Personal CoPilot, BMW X3 2018 also has BMW Connected. At present, advances in technology affect the user’s work patterns. Surely this technology is utilized by BMW to develop BMW Connected with Open Mobility Cloud concept. An enhanced personal mobility using smartphones and smartwatches. With this feature, users can automatically enter the destination in the navigation system, and also calculate the travel time effectively.