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Hello there, how are you? Back to see the TSCB blog that discuss latest news of most searched cars and car trends every month. In this topics I will discuss about 2017 BMW i8 Spyder. As stated at the CES (Consumers Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada, this post will cover 2017 BMW i8 Spyder price and also specs. As far I know, the design of BMW i8 Spyder almost same with BMW I Vision Future Interaction concept. At the press conference, BMW explain some of best innovation and performance for this car. The launch of i8 spyder is derivation of convertible version of the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

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Many enthusiasts of BMW i8 expecting that this car’s style become perfectly and the best final production compared than previous model. As we ever saw in 4 years ago. In addition, the BMW i8 Spyder expected has a same plug-in hybrid powertrain with BMW i8 Coupe, but with enhancement features. In this setting, the car will equipped with turbocharged 1.5-liter 3-cylinder power at the rear wheels and an electric motor spin at the front. With this feature, the car will generate 357 HP, and reportedly the BMW i8 Spyder is able to accelerate for 4.2 second in 0-60 mph.

The new BMW i8 2017 will featured with “Max e-Mode” which is affecting on speeds till 75 mph electrically. Using this feature, the driver can feel the powerful engine in emergency condition. But, We have to know at the time when the battery energy run out after 15 miles, Max e-Mode will switch off and car back to Comfort mode. This feature mode will operate on conventional hybrid. In addition with these features, BMw i8 also can be used in Sport mode. It means using maximum performance using double powertrains. The electrical system will Boost notice in the tachometer. With this situation, the car will accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Every driver who knows to operate the car will smart how to use the system mode. Because it will affect on efficiency of energy and balancing on sportiness. BMW i8 can be a sport cars that run faster when the nice roads and little traffic. But when crowded traffic, the car will feel quiet and smooth electric system, so will be environmentally friendly.

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After discussing about performance, we can take a look on Styling. The design of BMW i8 2017 looks different with competitor, fresh, and shine the blue-accent characteristic. As We know, this design and color is the most success on market this month. We want to breakdown inside the car. LED lighting is clearly add beautiful on the cabin. Upholstery inside the car reflect nice blends of ivory and black leather. The premium feel obtained comes with black soft-touch plastics on the dash and other touch surfaces. Comparing with BMW i3 version, the new i8 shows better on unvarnished open-pore wood surfaces and raw fiber-impregnated plastic.

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And then, the 2017 BMW i8 price approximately touch the number $140,000. And reportedly include a shipping fee. Another features on center location is 8.8 inches for touchscreen, BMW iDrive system, using standard audio 11-speaker, navigation system, satellite radio, and smartphone app to check the car remotely. Do you know Louis Vuitton? Yeah, this car utilize the design from Louis to fit on BMW i8 seats and luggage. Another option is use of carbon fiber string for briefcase, garment bag and travel bags.

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2017 BMW i8 Spyder – Interior Pictures

And last, the fuel economy system also to be topic for every buyer. The BMW i8 almost occupy on “9” for fuel economy rating system and almost same with other hybrid cars. BMW i8 rated on 38 mpg and the total range of electric and gasoline powertrains is 330 miles, eventhough the recommended for use 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine. The team also develop EcoPro function that increase the efficiency and restrain acceleration.

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